Personal Attention & Professional Excellence

"Patients at our office can expect a lot of personal attention from our team. It is of great importance to us to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care and professional excellence!"

About Your Dentist

Jennifer Kloboves, DDS

"My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with high- quality dental care that fits your needs and desires. I truly care about your needs and will do all I can to make sure you have a rejuvenating dental experience!"

My Mission
"To provide total quality dentistry in a professional and reliable way. To serve my patients in a way that will meet their needs and help them achieve a brilliant smile."

Education & Professional Memberships
Dr. Kloboves earned her Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery from Indian University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana.
She is an active member of the American Dental Association.

Personal Attention & Professional Excellence
"I would like my patients to know I am treating them with their best interest in mind. I want to help them understand the importance of dental care and its connection to their overall health. In short, I want my patients to feel like each one of them is the most important patient in the world!"

Providing You With Comfortable Dental Care...
"I have a sincere concern for my patients and want to partner with them as a facilitator to provide them with the dentistry they deserve. I have a servant's heart and truly enjoy making a positive change in dental treatment. When I hear words from my patients such as 'Why was I so worried?' or 'That was the most painless appointment I've ever had', it lets me know I am doing things right."

Kurush Savabi, DDS

“Dentistry is a very personal field. On a daily basis, we use our mouths to tell or families that we love them, share stories with our friends, and kiss our kids goodnight. So when it comes to allowing someone to work in your mouth, there’s a lot of trust involved. I love building relationships with my patients where they believe in the care that my team and I give them.”

My Mission

“My goal is for every patient to walk out the door and be excited to come back for their next appointment. Going to the dentist can be stressful, so our job at Landmark Dental is to make it as enjoyable and comfortable of an experience as possible. I want each patient to realize how much we care about them and how they feel.”


Dr. Savabi attended Indiana University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN. He received his undergraduate degree in Engineering from Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Continuing Education & Professional Memberships

Dr. Savabi has completed advanced training with the Biolase Dental Laser and RV Tucker Cast Conservative Gold Restorations. He has taken advanced training in esthetic makeovers and Invisalign. Professional memberships have included the Indiana Dental Association, American Dental Association and the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.

Life & Hobbies

Dr. Savabi is an Albert Schweitzer Fellow, for which he helped begin the Indiana University Dental Student Outreach Clinic. The clinic is student-managed and operated, and provides care to patients in the near-eastside downtown area of Indianapolis. Dr. Savabi likes to remain active in his free time. Being raised in Indiana, naturally he loves basketball. He also enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and spending time with his family and friends.

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